Learn to Trade the S&P 500 Emini
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Not a Book, Not a DVD, Not a Home Study Course!

This is Live Training in Live Markets.
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Dear Friend,
When I decided to become a trader, I knew I needed someone to teach me. Long before the search for the Holy Grail began (more on that in a moment), I began looking for a mentor. What I found was beyond surreal. I sat in virtual classrooms for hundreds of hours on end. I watched fellow traders endure what bordered on ritualistic abuse whenever the wisdom of the guru was called into question. I studied with sincere men and women, many of whom ended up losing not only their money, but their businesses, and some even their homes. Why? Because they were told to "Just Believe". The mantra was, "Hang on, hold on, you gotta' have faith". And you know what? At the end of the day it would have all been worth it, if what we were taught had been something more than a vague theory. Beware of the overly Charismatic Trainer folks. Beware of the teacher who refuses to answer the tough questions. You may or may not be as "smart" as they are, but I can tell you one thing for sure, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

During the bad guru experience, I also began "the hunt". I became the Indiana Jones of Emini Futures Trading. Deep down inside I knew it existed. That Holy Grail Indicator was going to be mine no matter what the cost. I googled till my fingers bled. I bought so many systems and indicators and goofy things that clucked like chickens, I no longer needed to actually pull out my credit card. Those 16 digits were permanently tattooed on my frontal lobe. I justified it all as R&D. When I finally stumbled out of the laboratory some grueling months later I was beaten, broken, and clinically depressed. Did I mention that my motivation behind all this was to simply generate income to care for Orphans who had lost their parents to AIDS? (more on that later) I wasn't chasing the Tuscan Villa or the Red Ferrari... I just wanted to make a difference in the lives of children who had no one else to turn to...

Through preservation and the grace of God, I did finally stumble onto some Godly men who actually traded for a living and were willing to share some very simple truths with me about the market. This was the turning point. I learned that it had nothing at all to do with magical inidcators, or secret time frames. It had everything to do with learning how to trade. It was about patience, and discipline, and an understanding of how price flows and what shows up to stop the flow. I learned to listen to the market. Not the news, not the guru, but the market itself. It has a pulse, a heartbeat, and it's bigger than all of us. If your plan is to beat the market, allow me to suggest you either rethink the plan or run as fast as you can before it steals your money and possibly your soul. You want the market to be your business partner, not your enemy.

Today, my goal is simply this... to put ordinary people like you and me, on a path that can and does lead to financial success. I want to help people avoid the costly toil and trouble, trial and error that I endured.

That's why CFRN exists. To help you find your niche' in the market. To help you fulfill the dream that God put in your heart. My wife and I now have over 800 orphans in Kampala, Uganda. That's 1,600 meals a day, 44,800 meals a month. I know what you're thinking, that's only 2 meals per day. Yes it is. Our dream however, is that soon it will be 3. For now it's 2 more than before and if that's as close as I ever get to heaven on earth, I'm OK with that.

Do you have a passion? Do you have a purpose burning in your heart? Do you have a desire deeper than Havana's for you and implants for her? Then perhaps you've come to the right place...

If you're like me, you learn by doing...
What if you could spend day after day with seasoned traders and market analysts? What if you could cut through the theory and simply see real-time trades and strategies that work. Debunk the myths and learn the ropes. Cut the risks by avoiding simple mistakes. How much do you think that would be worth in the long run? If you could literally shave years off the learning curve and keep tens of thousands in your account for the actual purpose of trading, would that be of great value to you?

Right now, CFRN has a limited time offer.

I want to invite you to spend a full week with the CFRN team. I want you to Test Drive our online platform and feel the power of our Custom Indicators for an entire week. I want you to witness real trades with real money in real time. I want you to see a humble, ethical and proven trading system that's simple.

You can pass this off as just another sales pitch.

You can risk tens of thousands of dollars and several years of your life in an attempt to prove me wrong. Or, you can come hang out with us for Just One Week. No strings attached, No credit card required.

All we require is a simple desire to learn.

After a week, you decide. Is it real? Or as phony as everything else...

You get to decide........... FOR FREE!

If someone had offered this to me 5 years ago, those kids would not only be enjoying 3 meals a day, thousands of other kids would also know what it means to be loved and cared for.

I got cheated. They got cheated. Together we can change that. The ball is in you court........

Did I mention, the FREE Trial Is FREE?